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Curio offers valuable and attractive pre-vocational education and vocational education and training (VET/mbo) in the region of West-Brabant in the south-western part of the Netherlands. With around 22.000 students and over 2.000 staff across 34 locations, we are the leading vocational training institute in the region, facilitating life-long learning.

Vocational Education and Training

MBO (Middelbaar Beroepsonderwijs) is the Dutch abbreviation for secondary Vocational Education and Training (VET) in the Netherlands. VET is the main supplier to the labour market and is often regarded as the ‘foundation of the economy’ and the ‘backbone of society’. Approximately 40% of the Dutch working population has obtained a vocational qualification.

With the implementation of the WEB, the act on Vocational Education and Training, the two learning pathways in VET (work-based and school-based) were put in the same qualification framework. The school-based option with full-time education is called the BOL system and the work-based pathway, offering a combination of work and study, is called BBL. Both learning pathways offer programmes on four different levels. In both the school-based and the work-based pathways and on every training level, all students need to spend part of their time on work placements in recognized learning companies in order to obtain a diploma.

There is a generic classification of the MBO levels to the European Qualification Framework. Generally, the four VET levels correspond with the first four levels of the EQF. It is, however, possible to come to a different classification for a specific qualification, if there is clear evidence for doing so. In that case certain Dutch level 4 qualifications have the possibility to become referenced to the EQF 5 level. The level 4 qualifications offer access to follow up studies at the universities of applied sciences for an associate degree or a bachelor programme.

  • level 1 entry level
  • level 2 basic vocational training
  • level 3 full professional training
  • level 4 middle-management and specialist training

Students in the centre

The (individual) learning paths of our students are leading. Our main goal is to offer attractive education for a student population between 12 to 67 years old. Students themselves own and direct their learning processes. Learning, working and innovation are combined in learning communities.

By offering pre-VET and VET education under the same umbrella, we can easily guarantee a flexible and continuous learning path for our students and offer our students a large variety of courses and educational possibilities to stimulate lifelong learning.

We are guided by the learning needs of our students. We offer our students the possibility to transfer fluently from pre-vocational to vocational education within Curio and afterwards to higher vocational education and training externally. Through career learning, we motivate our students to develop their 21st century skills and to be prepared and  to embrace lifelong learning. Our students are well-equipped for the path to their future jobs.

Pre-vocational education (vmbo) and vocational education and training (mbo)

Curio has eight pre-vocational institutes at this moment, which is unique in the region. The advantages of having pre-vocational schools are:

  • Students can easily move to another pre-vocational school within Curio.
  • They can also choose between different VET schools (mbo) within the same organization after having finished pre-vocational education.

There are several VET-institutes within Curio in the cities of Breda, Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom and the surrounding areas in:

  • Economics and entrepreneurship
  • Technics and technology
  • Health and social care
  • Food, green and hospitality

We contribute to the European Pillar of Social Rights by putting into practice the first principle:
Everyone has the right to quality and inclusive education, training and life-long learning in order to maintain and acquire skills that enable them to participate fully in society and manage successfully transitions in the labour market.’

For all students with a bigger distance to the labour market or further education we have our Start college, in which we offer the following types of education

  • Basic Education for adult Dutch-speaking learners
  • Dutch as a second language for adult foreign learners
  • International transition classes for underaged foreign learners
  • Second chance general adult secondary education
  • Introduction and entrance courses to VET
  • Practical pre-VET education

Our pre-vet schools are also located throughout the region of West-Brabant:

Education, business and regional collaboration

We are an important and strong pillar in the region. Together with the regional (international) business community and municipalities we formulated ambitious goals for the region, which are part of the ‘Regionale Beroepsagenda’ (regional professional agenda -

Together we build a successful and strong regional economy, in which supply and demand of labour are continuously matched. Close collaboration in the region has led to new, innovative training courses such as: urban green development, food & future and hospitality & management.

Scope for the professional

Curiosity, expertise and self-awareness are our core values. Our staff are encouraged to make the most of the professional scope we offer.

Curio International

Curiosity is one of our core values and does not stop at borders. We encourage all our students to go abroad for an internship period or for a learning mobility at a foreign school. We offer the same opportunities for all our teachers and staff members, to broaden their horizon and to gain experience in other countries through international conferences, job shadowing or teaching activities abroad.

We foster our relationships with partner institutes abroad and form strategic partnerships around the world, partly by Memoranda of Understanding or by long term strategic projects.

We have been a partner in some successful  EU-financed projects such as:

  • VIME – Volunteers in Migrant Education (nominated for best international project) – 2018
  • DIDO – Dropping in the  Dropouts 2020
  • Managing Money – On adult financial literacy (also nominated for best international project) - 2018
  • IDEAL - On digitalization in adult education (awarded EU Project of Excellence) 2017
  • FLIP IDEAL – On flipped learning in adult education - 2020

All these projects are linked to the first principle of the EU Pillar of Social Rights by focussing on regional social inclusion.


In 2015 Curio received the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter, followed by the official Erasmus+ VET accreditation in 2020. This means that it is officially recognized that Curio possesses the operational capacity and ability to manage high quality mobility projects and consequently achieves greater internationalization in VET through the Erasmus+ program.

The charter also recognizes the high quality of previous mobility projects, the long-term commitment to continuous improvement of mobility and the strategic approach of Curio to incorporate international mobility of its students, alumni and staff in its educational activities.

International and intercultural competences

One of the main goals of internationalised VET is to provide the most relevant education to students, who will be the citizens, employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Internationalisation is not an end in itself, but a driver for change and improvement – it should help generate the skills required in the 21st century, spur on innovation and increase the options on the labour market.

The other main goal is to raise intercultural and international awareness and to make students globally competent. It refers to the knowledge, skills, and other capacities used to examine, appreciate, understand, and use local, national, and international elements to navigate around the world successfully.

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Curio is internationally represented by a small but adequate team that can easily involve other colleagues if it concerns sector specific matters.

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