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Curio excels in offering valuable and attractive pre-vocational education (vmbo) and vocational education and training (VET/mbo). With around 22.000 students and over 2.000 staff across 34 locations, we are the leading vocational training institute in the region, facilitating life-long learning.

Students at the centre

We are guided by the learning needs of our students (aged 12-67). Students themselves own and direct their learning processes. Learning, working and innovation are combined in learning communities. This allows students to develop continuously, starting from a collective, dynamic portfolio.

We enable our students to move fluently between pre- vocational, vocational and higher vocational education and training. Our students are well-equipped for the path to their future job. Entrepreneurship is an important aspect in our education and our business.

Pre-vocational education (vmbo) and vocational education and training (mbo)

Curio consists of eight pre-vocational institutes at this moment, which is unique in the region. The advantages of having pre-vocational schools are:

  • Students can move to another pre-vocational school within Curio.
  • They can also choose from different VET schools (mbo) within the same organization after having finished pre-vocational education.

This will help them to move on from pre-vocational to vocational education in a more fluent way and consequently make the right choices.

There are several VET-institutes within Curio in the cities: Breda, Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom:

  • Economics and entrepreneurship
  • Technics and technology
  • Health and social care
  • Food, green and hospitality

Our pre-vet schools are also located throughout the region West-Brabant:

Education, business and government

We take our responsibility towards the business community. We do this by setting a vocational agenda in consultation with businesses and municipal authorities, and by implementing that agenda. Together, we are building a successful regional economy with a sufficient, high-quality labor supply.

Scope for the professional

Curiosity, expertise and self-awareness are our core values. Our staff are encouraged to make the most of the professional scope we offer.

How does VET (mbo) work in the Netherlands?

Students can choose between several courses within VET on four different levels. They also have a choice between two main routes: one which is school-based (BOL) and one which is company-based (BBL).

Educational routes BOL and BBL

The school-based route (BOL) means that a student is expected to attend school for most days of the week and periodically some days/weeks of practical training at an approved apprenticeship company.

The company-based route (BBL) means practice is the starting point. Students will attend school one day a week and work at least 24 hours per week at an approved apprenticeship company.


  • Level 1: assistant training (1 year) Accessible with a degree of basic pre-vocational education
  • Level 2: basic vocational training (2-3 years) Accessible with a degree of basic pre-vocational education
  • Level 3: subject-oriented vocational training (2-4 years) Accessible with a degree of pre-vocational management education
  • Level 4: middle management training (BOL; 3-4 years) specialist training (BBL, 2 years after vocational training) Accessible with a degree of pre-vocational management education, theoretical program.

A student who has obtained training at level 4 can move on to higher vocational education (HVE - hbo).

Adult education

Adult education is provided by one of our VET-schools in Breda and Roosendaal.

Erasmus students are more successful in their personal lives and careers
Erasmus+ higher education impact study 2019


Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter

Since 2015 Curio has received the Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter for the period from Call 2016. This means that it is officially recognized that Curio possesses the operational capacity and ability to manage high quality mobility projects and consequently achieves greater internationalization in VET through the Erasmus+ program.

The charter also recognizes the high quality of previous mobility projects, the long-term commitment to continuous improvement of mobility and the strategic approach of Curio to incorporate international mobility of its students, alumni and staff in its educational activities.

Internationalisation is one of the means for people to develop and encourage their (entrepreneurial) talents. Workingstudying abroad means bringing in knowledge and improving education.

International and intercultural competences

Every VET/MBO - student must be able to find a place on the European labour market. Skills that have been developed during training must therefore be useful and visible to others. Our goal is that every student should be able to get a Europass certificate by the year 2015.

Nowadays European society consists of many different cultures. In order to deal with that, it is important to know them. That is why we think that learning from each other begins in the classroom, also abroad. There are many ways to become internationally and inter-culturally competent:

International Office

Our International Office is committed to act according to the European aims of the Education & Training 2020 strategy. Improving the quality of education, increasing employability of young people on the labour market and preventing early school leaving are some examples of these actions.
Our policy advisor for European Affairs holds office in Brussels in order to be informed quickly about new developments and projects on the European educational agenda.
We are partner of the XarxaFP network, which aims at promoting work experience abroad and working together in European projects.
The international office works for all the schools and colleges of Curio. It takes part in international projects and supports incoming and outgoing international students.

Contact Curio

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HQ Address: Trivium 74, 4873 LP, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands
Postal address HQ: Curio, PO Box 699, 4870AR Etten-Leur, The Netherlands

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