Dutch as a second language (Nt2) integration course

Curio offers a course for non-Dutch speakers who want to learn the language and integrate. For the Dutch integration program, non-Dutch speakers can learn the language at Nt2 (Dutch as a second language). Would you like to learn Dutch?

Inburgering Achtergrond

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Sign up for our Dutch integration course. We will plan a personal intake after we have received your registration. We will determine your starting level and give you an advice. You can enrol during the entire school year.

More information?

Do you have questions? Or do you need more information? You can always call or email us.

E-mail: be-nt2@curio.nl 
Telephone number Breda: 088-2097100
Telephone number Roosendaal: 088-2097300


We offer our courses at two main locations in Breda and Roosendaal. In addition, we also offer the courses at various other locations in West-Brabant. The courses are given during the day and in the evening. Always as close to home as possible. There is no class during school holidays.

Main locations

Basiseducatie Nt2 Breda

In Breda you will find one of our two main locations. Our integration course Nt2 is offered here. Curious about the location? We are happy to tell you more about it.

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Curio Vavo Roosendaal Met Locatie

The second main location is located in Roosendaal. Here we offer our integration course NT2 as well. We are happy to show you this location.

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All locations

Kaartje Nt2